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House Babble for You Must Remember This

This House Babble comes to you live from K-gal's House of Tin Hats, where our fine line of Foil Chapeaus is the shiniest in town.

House said exactly one thing in the whole episode that made sense: "Have you met me?"

Now aside from the fact that it's a repeat of a line he used in Games, (thereby showing how played out the writers are) it's almost a lamp-shade that Cuddy apparently has NO IDEA who House really is and therefore is not someone who should be in a "relationship" with him, attempting to analyze his inner-most feelings about said "relationship."

The more important point is that who-ever is writing this crap is acting like they've never met House or seen how House and Wilson interact during a post Wilson break-up period. Allow me to point you toward a little ditty called Fools For Love. House is NOT worried about Wilson NOT having sex. He's worried about Wilson getting together with a nurse, or presumably anyone who's not him.

There almost was a germ of an in character House/Wilson House/Cuddy story here. House being obsessed with Wilson's love life and Cuddy realizing (or being forced to remember) that for House, Wilson will always come first, even if it's in that obsessive, sick, destructive way. When Cuddy said, "I thought you were over your Wilson fetish," that should not have been a throw-a-way line, it should have been as dark and meaningful as her realizing House had lied about whatever it was that she last had a snit fit about.

So when I see this RUBBISH where Wilson. That's JAMES FUCKING WILSON isn't getting any, and turns down the barrista, and is considered pathetic because he has a cat, I have to get out the polish and see it as yet another attempt to make us believe that there is no House/Wilson subtext, that House actually wants Wilson to get some, whereas we KNOW and have seen that House does not want Wilson to get anything that will keep him from being with House 24/7.

They can't make us believe in House/Cuddy as long as we remember how hard House fought to keep Wilson away from anyone and anything AND that Wilson is a serial cheater AND FLIRT. Let's assume he wasn't screwing Debbie From Accounting (which I will never accept anyway), he was actively flirtign with her. His approach to women in the first two series always carried that edge. Remember when he and House actually joked about the possibility of him sleeping with Cameron? That's because it was considered a real possiblity.

No amount of ret-con or bullshit about Wilson needing more time or bigger bullshit about why Wilson and Sam broke up EITHER time, is gong to make me forget that Wilson screws around. Wilson is a flirt. Wilson doesn't need help getting laid and Wilson isn't going to avoid getting laid after a breakup. He's more likely to have turned down the barrista because he already had a date lined up for after he got House off his case with the "boys night out." If anything, he would have women cooing over him AND the cat.

He may not be Jack Harkness, but he's not Lord High Whiney Butt either. He can get women and he's not going to avoid them just because the writers can't stand to remember that Wilson is a womanizing bastard, not the "nice guy" he wants everyone to think he is.

Everything else about this episode was boring, pointless and useless, most especially the Foreman/Taub crap. Sorry guys, there's no chemistry there and if you have any delusions you can make the slash fans happy with this pairing, you are very very wrong.

Also, as much as I applaud House for doing immoral things, on what planet would Foreman validate Taub buying the test? (I was really hoping that House had set that whole thing up and the questions were wrong or something.)

Doogie Lite (tm by lilithisbitter) remains boring, whiny, pathetic and a waste of screen time. The patient was another amalgam of previous patients, including Half-Wit and Mirror Syndrome guy. I also don't know who should have been more offended by this episode, cat-owners or people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

I'm getting desperate for this show to be canceled. I don't want to watch it anymore, but I feel like I've invested too much time and effort and fandom to walk away now. Also I know a few of you are counting on me to take one for the team so you don't have to.

Anyway-another piece of shit that fails in its mission to convince that House/Wilson never existed.
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