karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Pimping the Torch!

Three awesome Torchwood fics by three awesome writers.

Go! Read! Give love!

Our fandom is alive and well.

Four Times, Almost by cookielaura

A wonderful angsty over-view of the evolution of Jack/Gwen in kisses.

Soaked by ebineez01

Jack/Owen-Super dark. NC17.

Brilliant. Chilling. Beautiful. Did I mention DARK?

Absolutely perfect take on Jack/Owen and how far Jack is willing to go to give Owen what he needs.

Whispers by rattyjol
From tw100, written to the prompt: In The Walls.

A brief look at the tortured soul of Owen Harper. *Hugs Owen*
Tags: jack harkness, jack/owen, owen harper, pimping, real!jack, torchwood

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