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Hubby stuff

Here's a quick recap of my day yesterday:
Woke up, went downtown to get nails done. (I have a full blown essay on my nail obsession in the works.) While getting nails done, I conceived Drabble #1. The minute I got home, I announced I was about to write a story in just 100 words to semi-still-sleeping Hubby. It took longer than expected and then I posted it. I was post-story High & Happy, but Hubby was a bit put out. The sun had broken through and it was too crowded at Pork Store (breakfast choice #1). We ended up having a lovely bfast at Platanos and then a nice walk up to Tower Video.
Upon getting home, I immediately, obsessively checked to see if any comments were in.
There was a party yesterday at the Mint (Karaoke Lounge) and I really wanted to go, but Saturday is "togetherness day" so I couldn't really admit that I wanted to go. Instead I pulled a bit of passive aggressive shit and then wound up going. Had blissfully fun 2 hours at the Mint. Flirted outrageously with curly haired boy of indeterminate "team".
On the way home, I thought up Drabble #2. Came home and dove for the computer again. It took over an hour to check for new comments on #1, write 2, do the links etc etc. By this time Hubby had had typically a unpleasant phone conversation wtih "Psycho-sis". He really, really needed me to be in the moment with him and cook and chill out and watch some DVD's (Including a "Jooster") AND ALL I CARED ABOUT WAS POSTING MY HOUSE SLASH.
He started getting quiet and a bit moody.
I apologized profusely. Got dinner going and eventually settled down.
But not till I got the damn things posted.
This man loves me an puts up with an unbelievable amount of obsessive, self-absorbed b.s. with nary a complaint. I was way way way out of line.
But obsession is obsession, so the first thing this AM....Here we are.
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