karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Pimping Doctor/Jack Bingo Fest!

Because the world needs more Doctor/Jack fic!

Ganked from trobadora.

wintercompanion is hosting a Doctor/Jack Bingo Fest in the coming two months!

From now until February 28th we'll be collecting prompts.

From March 1st, you can request a Bingo card, and we'll generate one for you with a random selection of prompts. Then you have two months to write or create entries and achieve Bingo. The winners - that is, everyone who completes one full row, column or diagonal - will receive a small token as a prize.

You can find the full rules for the fest here

Come and join us - give us your prompts for the fest!
Spoiler-free prompt collection post (for all prompts that don't contain spoilers for Doctor Who series 6 or Torchwood series 4)

Spoilery prompt collection post (for all prompts that contain spoilers for Doctor Who series 6 or Torchwood series 4)

Tags: doctor who, jack harkness, jack/doctor, pimping, the doctor

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