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UK in MAY!!!!

Getting very excited.

As you may remember, I was supposed to do this trip last August, but then hubby fell off a non-moving bicycle and broke his leg. The positive side of this was that we got the diagnosis of Osteoporosis. The bad thing (aside from, you know, BREAKING HIS LEG AGAIN) was that he had to burn off all his vacation time and we had to cancel the trip.

I was royally pissed at the time, which made things a bit tense at Chez K-gal.

But now that we're rescheduling and the only time I can get two weeks is in May, I'm thinking it's working out for the best. The focus of the trip is Edinburgh, and August would have put us right in the heart of Festival season with bigger crowds and lots of price gouging.

This way we'll do the first week of May in Edinburgh, where I'm getting an OK rate at the Balmoral for three nights and then moving to a B&B, and then chilling out for a week in London. I got a half-way decent industry discount at a hotel near Kings Cross/St. Pancras tube stop.

It's a little sad to know I'll never have a trip like the one we did in 2000. I managed to get free nights at the Connaught and Browns, but keep in mind I was working at an agency that had Barclay's Global as a client and it was just a different world in the industry.

I've even got my Iatan card renewed. Last time I tried to do this I went in circles for days and nothing ever happened. This time I sent an email to HR and BAM! it got done.

I want to see some of my UK F-listers, but I have to keep in mind that this is primarily a K-gal & Hubby trip, rather than Squeeeeee Odyssey-the sequel. Also, I don't want to emulate my friend Allyson who tries to see every one of her San Francisco friends when she flies up here and makes me feel like I'm begging for a few moments of her attention.

Definitely trying to squeeze in a day trip to Cardiff. *waves at filthgoblin.

So...give me ideas for Edinburgh and London. We've been to the BIG stuff in London before, so I'm looking for more "off-the-beaten-track" stuff there. Weird and quirky will do fine. For Edinburgh (and a day in Glasgow) anything I definitely have to see.

I can't believe I'm finally getting back there!


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