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I ran/walked/ran six miles yesterday

First time I've hit that distance in a long time. It was seriously cold out there, but not too bad in the sun. My time was about an hour and fifty five minutes. I'm less concerned with speed than distance. I was never a sprinter and never will be. It's just a matter of building up distance. I gotta admit it took a lot out of me. I napped for nearly two hours and was still sort of out of it when I woke up.

Did a lot of shopping so I don't have to do it today. The bad news was I bought so much I couldn't walk home and it was bitch getting a cab on Church St. although I did get one eventually.

Came home, watched more Buffy. I'm not really caught up in the Season 7 arc. The potential slayers make me want the First to kill them all just for being annoying. Yay for Giles though. Anthony Head's snark can make anything better. Also getting annoyed with the Spike abuse.

Heading for Yoga in about an hour. I took a hot bath and a bunch of Ibuprofen. I tried to drink a Muscle Milk and it was utterly disgusting. FEH!

My buddy Jeremy MIGHT show up at the Mint today. I hope so. Haven't seen him in over a year, since he's been down in LA trying to do the rock star thing.
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