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I just saw Tory Belleci on Valencia Street!

Yet another reason why it's so amazingly cool to live in San Francisco.

I had just ordered some food from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and was taking a walk while it was getting made, and I just saw him walking by, talking on a cell-phone and I called out "Tory?" and he looked at me and I went "Are you Tory?" and he nodded, and I said "I love the show, I love you."

(Actually the beef and bok choy, I'm currently enjoying is worth the cost of living and the pot stickers are worth the lack of parking, but I digress.)

Anyway, this spotting is clearly a sign from the fic-gods. In case you didn't know (because I haven't whinged or whined to you about it) my betteronvicodin prompt is a House/Mythbusters crossover and it's been giving me trouble.

But now that I've seen Tory in the flesh...

As soon as I finish scarfing, I'm going to start writing and get this damn thing done!
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