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Forget your troubles....It's a PUPPY PICSPAM!!!!

In response to the How Can I Cheer You Up? poll, (still open for voting)...the first winner is....PUPPPEEEESSSS!

Moose and Saffron near Bi-Rite.

Many more doggies (and one bunny) behind the cut.

ALSO, to continue spreading the joy, vanillafluffy is hosting a Cheer-Up-A-Thon! Feel free to go over there and share some ideas to help your fellow LJers banish the blues! Please comment with happy-making ideas and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help get the word out. PIMP THE HAPPINESS!!!

Harley-getting groomed on 18th St.

Louis Vuitton. (I am so NOT kidding!)

Beagles in the Castro

Blue sweater doggie.

Puppies in a basket-Walgreens 18th & Castro

Mattie-the Welsh Terrier.

Zoe and Rigby-in front of Safeway

Australian Shepherd-at Starbucks near Safeway

18th Street Bassett

Soulful Pit-bull

Making friends in front of Cafe Petra

AND.....Ruby the Rabbit! (Up for adoption at Pet Smart.)

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