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House Babble for Recession Proof

Copious amounts of rage and profanity ahead!

Thanks to evila_elf and michelleann68 for going through the torture with me.

And it’s time for Tin Hat brigade again, however before that….


Your stupid remark about anything the patient lying to his wife being “Obama’s fault” was ignorant whoever wrote it deserves a sharp slap to the face and a financial history of the last 30 years, preferably delivered by Michael Moore.

But I digress….

Honestly…is there any way this episode is not meant as a direct shot at the heart of every H/W shipper of any stripe from ULTRA ANGSTY to UBER FLUFFY?

Let’s start with the utter bull-shit of the Taub/Foreman situation. Hmmmmm….lothario doctor breaks up with wife and ends up living with grouchy colleague. Gee where have I seen that before. And no, making Taub the “fun” one doesn’t make it less of an insult. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Taub and Foreman are NOT House and Wilson. No amount of Bert and Ernie jokes are going to give their relationship the amount of UST and subtext that permeated every single moment of House and Wilson during their “odd couple arc.” There’s no connection, no chemistry, no emotion, no nothing. It’s just stupid and insulting. And the bathroom scene? WHY? Whywhywhywhywhy? Just EWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Meanwhile….there’s Wilson being used as nothing but a passive-aggressive House/Cuddy cheer-leader in a plot that makes no sense AND does a complete re-set on last week’s round of BS. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Dave and Katie KNOW their House/Cuddy approach isn’t working. Nobody’s buying it. They need to cut their losses, instead of doubling down and KILLING A PATIENT just to try and convince us. You can’t convince us, because you screwed it up from the beginning.

This is not just H/W sour grapes talking. Let me re-iterate, there could have been a compelling House/Cuddy storyline, IF the actual characters and back-stories were taken into account. Since they weren’t and instead a horrible parody of Harlequin Romance was imposed on what had been two fascinatingly damaged characters, you have a sinking ship drowning in a sea of crap.

Before I get to the climax of my fury, a word about Miss Pouty Lips…STFU MISS POUTY LIPS!!!! “Do you even like me?” No, I certainly don’t and there’s no reason for Chase to and WHO CARES? One of the original themes of House MD, as very eloquently espoused by Mr. Laurie during his Actor’s Studio interview and others, back when he seemed to have a sense of the character he was playing, is that you don’t have to be liked or likeable. House does his job. He saves lives. That’s all that matters. That’s why Foreman stays with him, instead of going back to his touchy-feely mentor in LA. That’s what Miss Pouty Lips SHOULD be learning from House. NOT whinging about being liked.

OH, and just for the record, calling someone a “stupid whore” is generally NOT a one way ticket to having them feel all warm and fuzzy about you.

If they actually dare to put Miss Pouty Lips and Chase together in a sexual situation, it will be a hell of a lot closer to rape than anything that happened during Meth Sex, since she’s clearly being played as an incompetent child.

So, the final insult.

Dead patient. For no good reason, except cheap, completely unearned pathos.

Remember when a dead patient actually made you feel bad?

So we can watch House get drunk (which I’ll also scream to the rooftops means he’s not clean and sober. Just because he’d didn’t take the Vicodin doesn’t mean anything. He’s drinking ergo he is in relapse) and feel sorry for himself.

Which is bullshit! Shall I quote a certain Greg House in Three Stories?

It is in the nature of medicine, that you *are* gonna screw up; you *are* gonna kill someone. If you can't handle that reality, pick another profession.

That quote alone completely invalidates everything that happens afterwards.

But to continue. We get a nice angsty House/Wilson scene which seems to have the H/W chemistry of old. Any self-respecting H/W fan, could imagine Wilson taking House home and….get the picture? (Yes, we see.) It even looks like the bar from House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart.

House then gets deep into his self-pity pot….and starts talking about Cuddy. That bit was bad enough, but the final scene was one of the worst I have ever seen on any television show and I used to watch General Hospital.

I don’t even know where to start dissecting the horror of the Cuddy scene at the end. I can’t even say it was like fanfic written by a 12 year old, because I’ve read fanfic by 12 years old that was more in character than that.

House whines about how loving (PUKE!) Cuddy is making him a bad doctor. Which again, is bullshit, but for a brief shining moment, we think he’s going to use that as the excuse he’s been looking for to get out of the “relationship” so he can go back to fucking Wilson. Stupid and horrible and badly acted (sorry Hugh) but acceptable if it brings this abomination to an end….AND THEN SAYS “It’s worth it!”



House doesn’t care about being a good person, or a nice one. There’s only one thing he cares about….being a good doctor. Solving puzzles. Saving lives.

“It’s worth it.”

NO! A hundred million times no.

Dear Dave and Katie: FUCK YOU.

Dear Hugh: I LOVE YOU HONEY, but you really need to take a look at what’s happening around you, to a character you imbued with such depth and conviction, and use whatever authority comes with that “Executive Producer” title and do something about it.

Dear RSL: RUN! Run like the wind.
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