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I am such a dizzy queen sometimes!

How dizzy you ask?

Remember my missing ID? It turned up...IN MY WALLET!!! Behind the white card that normally goes in back of it. That one takes talent, let me tell ya.

Now I've got a pair of running shoes that have gone missing. I normally keep two active pairs and rotate them, but one of them has been missing for about a week. I needed to start breaking in a new pair so I scored a pair of New Balance at Shoe Pavillion yesterday for like $35.00. (Liquidation sale.) I'm assuming this will cause the other pair to make an appearance.

There are DVD's that have not gone back out to Netflix since Sunday.

Then there's the brou-ha-ha/wank, I may have started simply because I was speed-reading through my f-list trying to get through two days worth because my regional manager was in the office yesterday which meant violating the Technology Use Policy right in front of her face wasn't such a good idea. Anyway speed-reading + dizzy-queen + low blood sugar = recipe for disaster.

And you know what? I'm not such a good travel agent either.

Pretty much the only things I've accomplished today are booking a few limos and bringing money to my sister in law a/k/a Psycho-sis.
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