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House Babble for Bomb Shells

I know there's a lot to deal with here, but I'm so genuinely revolted by most of it that I may stick to a few glib comments and a smidgen of happy dancing for the ending.

OR NOT---apparently even in the throes of nausea, I'm a bit long-winded.

You want to do musical numbers and tv/movie influenced fantasies? Fine. Get someone who actually knows how to write and direct and make them look/sound interesting and have some bearing on the "real world" plot, rather than just patting yourself on the back for the references and allusions.

The "sit-com" ones were especially horrific and just ugly to look at and hear. It's almost unbelievable that Hugh Laurie could be made to look that unattractive and be that unfunny. If it was supposed to be ugly and unfunny to make some kind of ironic point either on what was being mocked or that Cuddy's situation was ugly and unfunny, you failed dismally.

You know things are bad when zombies are boring.

The Butch/Sundance I took as this week's slap in the face of the slash fans, (not to mention Karaoke fans and people who like Olivia Newton-John). Maybe there's a Meta to be written about how Cuddy's subconscious knows she's still 2nd to Wilson in House's life and all of her fantasies reflect that in some way and how the only way she can be his equal is to be a man? I don't like the unfortunate implications of that either, but it would make a little more sense.

Columbine Kid patient. ZZZZZZZ


Jesse's starting to look a bit pudgy in the face.

Amber Tamblyn is nothing but pudgy in the face and her pouty lips are making me want to hurt her. Badly. As michelleann68 pointed out, she actually looked better as a Zombie. Marginally.

IF they'd done this kind of a plot with Cuddy back in Season 4, I would have cared, although even then I wouldn't have believed anything bad was REALLY going to happen to her. At this point, the character has been so derailed that when House said, "she's dead" all I could think was "don't tease me."

At this point, there was no suspense and no emotional concern and NO I didn't care about House's emotional "development." I'm not sure what the hell Wilson was supposed to be on about, regarding "cleaning up the mess." If that's supposed to reference "picking up the pieces" after Stacy left, I ain't buying it. Because 14 weeks of this bullshit have failed to convince me that House gives a fraction of an iota of a damn about Cuddy. I feel he cares for her LESS now than he did in seasons 1 and 2, because they took away the great conflict between them. So everything else rings false.

I love RSL, but his acting this week indicated a man who was either badly constipated or using most of his time memorizing his lines for Broadway. He couldn't even voice-crack his way out of this garbage.

The Musical Number succeeded in being creepy and not much else, except maybe to convince me that even Hugh singing and a piano-gasm aren't enough to discount the rubbish that is appearing on our screens.


And then the men go marching out into the fray, conquering the enemy and carrying the day...

We finally get some absolute reality. HOUSE IS AN ADDICT. Period. End of story. Rehab didn't help. Cuddy's healing pussy didn't help. Hell, even Wilson's healing cock, when they still teasing us with that, didn't help.

And the minute they acknowledged that, all of a sudden we had a real!House and a real!Cuddy and some of the best acting Hugh or Lisa has done since the 3rd season. Raw and real and painful and I was almost happy-dancing at that point.

(Of course on behalf of michelleann68 and anyone else who knows anything about addiction, let me scream it one more time that he's been in relapse pretty much since he got home from Mayfield because he's been DRINKING, however since Shore et al refuse to acknowledge that, I'll take what
I can get.)

Frankly I'd have been happier if Cuddy realized that he was already back on the pain pills because of that little "under the bed" stunt from the beginning of the show. You really think House could do that with his leg WITHOUT Vicodin? Really?

So...for about five minutes, the show actually remember who these people are and let them act accordingly. IF they can keep remembering that and give House a nice full-blown relapse and let him stay there so we get the miserable, drug-addicted and not willing to change, bastard we fell in love with, quizas, quizas, quizas, this show has a chance to partially redeem itself before Fox pulls the plug.

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