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Notes from the Underground

A follow up to the House Babble for Bomb Shells

I've never seen an episode of Two and a Half Men, so I didn't recognize that "homage" as anything other than generic sit-com.

Now that I've been enlightened, I have to wonder if they picked that show more for the slash fanservice potential for H/W or for the fact that it stars a rather famous drug addict. I'm sure the whole episode was written and filmed before Mr. Sheen's most recent public melt-down, but considering where the episode ends up, I have to wonder if some part of it wasn't on their minds as well.

It certainly comes across as a Reverse Funny Aneurysm Moment.


If you read yesterday's drabble, Cruel Lips and had a WTF moment, please give it another chance. I must have been a weird post White Collar Stupor, and managed to leave off the last two lines. I've made the adjustment, so it's now a REAL drabble and actually has an ending.

Sorry bout that folks.


I've finally gotten the entire Dog-A-Day 2010 Project on Flickr.

Here's the Link to the set.

However...somehow, I managed to miss getting about 6 of the pictures in the set. I know they're all on Flickr, because I have links for them, BUT the set itself is only showing 348. And my OCD (not officially diagnosed) self REALLY wants them ALL IN THE SET. But I'm not sure exactly how to go about figuring out which six are not in the set. It's going to be very laborious, but I really want it done.


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