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Mini White Collar Babble for Under The Radar

I haven't been babbling extensive about White Collar, because I'm mostly keeping it as my "happy place" fandom without delving too deeply into the vague annoyances I have or my weird fanon fetishes that set me apart from the majority of the fandom.

However, since we're entering a three month period of famine, a few thoughts.

I RULE!!!!

My Neal/Adler fanon totally stands. In fact, considering how much fanservice this team likes to dish out to the base, I'd almost say it was deliberate, except there's no way they'd be fanservicing this pairing. It's all subtext and my perverse imagination, but it's all the screen too, right down to Adler saying "I want you" to Neal and a bunch of other insinuating lines that Andrew McCarthy totally sold as something quite perverse right down to the implications of Daddy-play. Peter shooting him totally played (to me) as him taking out the competition.

OH SARA! I'm in a quandary here, as I have no interest in jumping on the Misogynistic, Sara-hating bandwagon. HOWEVER. I gotta tell you that watching her look all hurt and pouty about Neal and Alex brought me great joy. And it's not like I particularly ship Neal/Alex, except that I think there's better chemistry between the actors/characters and that Gloria Votsis is a better looking woman than Hilarie Burton. For one thing, she's marginally less of a stick, and for another, the wardrobe department is doing Hilarie NO FAVORS. Yes, I get it. You're trying to show off her scrawny bone structure, but those outfits are hideous and they look like they're made out of remnants.

Last weeks Neal/Sara grope-a-thon was one of the least sexy knee-tremblers I have ever seen.

I can't/won't comment on the actual plot/MacGuffin stuff, because none of it makes any sense, and I don't think it's supposed to. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how/why Peter could have a meeting with Kate during a period when the whole point was how NO ONE COULD FIND HER. I didn't care because that one minute of Tim DeKay sitting in the chair, legs splayed, saying "Hello Kate," in his sexy, badass, mofo, voice was so redolent with hate-sex possibilities that I didn't care.


I don't think Neal stole the artwork.

Right now my money is on Kate.

I know, I know. Eastin keeps saying Kate is really most sincerely dead. hllangel and I have an ongoing dispute about this. Mark it down to her having faith and me being old and cynical.

That smile, which I will say was brilliantly done, had to be about more than just the art. To me that's a Neal/Kate smile. No I don't ship Neal/Kate, but Neal does, if you know what I mean. The only thing that could make him that happy is knowing that she's alive AND she pulled this off.

I know there's an excellent chance I'm wrong. But that's my bet right now.

At this point, I'd be good with Mozzie, Alex, June, Satchmo or someone completely out of left field, as long as it's not Sara. That whole "good girl gone bad" thing would make her just a Kate rehash, and probably make me like her even less.

Meanwhile...I'm still taking drabble prompts for the Drabble-a-Day project Right Here if you want to drop me some more White Collar prompts. Or any other fandom for that mater.

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