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Another death in my Mint family.

Brendan, our resident Sinatra/Bobby Darin lounge lizard has gone to the Great Karaoke Bar in the sky.

I don't have details, except that he died from pneumonia in the hospital over the weekend. Brendan was in my age range as far as I know, so I'm not sure if this was part of an on-going medical situation or a fluke. When Sebastian and I were at the Mint on Sunday, Jim the bartender mentioned that he hadn't seen Brendan for a few days, which was unusual.

Brendan was a regular, at the bar at least three or four nights a week. Drinking Martinis, doing shots and making lots of Are You Being Served jokes with the bar staff. I basically stopped doing Bobby Darin songs because he did them so much better than I did.

I wouldn't call him a close friend, but we were always glad to see each other, and spent hours at the bar together, sharing good times and snark.

So long Baddy! You'll be missed.
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