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Weekend cleaning trauma...

My friend Ivan called on Wednesday. I WUV IVAN! We go back to when I was working at Getz Travel in 1994 and we always have fun together. I did his ticket to London and he's back and wants to get together with Me and Hubby on Sunday for dinner and to tell us all about the trip and show us his pictures.

The only problem with that is that I do Karaoke on Sunday, but for Ivan I will rearrange my Karaoke schedule, so I went today for a few hours. The only other problem is that the apartment is a pig sty. You could grow stuff on the kitchen floor and the clutter is at epidemic porportions because we both have an inability to get rid of stuff.

So today was Cleaning Day!

Well before cleaning day:

Friday-got stuck late at work dealing with possible flight cancelation due to weather on east coast and annoying client who insisted I book his back up flight in Business Class, when I recently got TOTALLY reamed out, for booking clients in Business without going through the whole approval process.


I walked downtown listening to John Barrowman---Thanks to kimberweeme, jadesfire, and michelleann68 for the links to various JB songs--and got my goddess nails done, among other things. Silk wrap fill, pedicure, 10 minute foot massage and leg waxing.

I'm really not as high-mainennance as I must sound sometimes.

I also stopped by Fayes Video for some DVDs incuding Sopranos season 5, Disc 2 because I just sent that one back to Netflix since it was damaged.

Anyway, got home and cleaning commenced. Tossing magazines that I'll never read again (although NOT any TV guides with pictures of Hugh on the cover.) I managed to throw out some so of the Vanity Fairs that I've had for years.

It was really hard to throw out cassettes that I'd made off of my CDs just for working out or running. They became obsolete the minute I got my Ipod, but the idea of them becoming nothing but landfill hurts so much.

But that's not the worst.

On the top shelf of my closet, I found a bag full of videotapes of episodes of Guiding Light from nearly 10 years ago and clippings from various Soap Mags. Does anyone remember Hunt Block as Ben Warren on Guiding Light? This was when he first came on and had this hot thing going on Blake, when he was a bad-ass motherfucker. I had a serious crush on him. SERIOUS. In fact, I think it was the first time I got into an on-line fandon or an online shipper war for that matter, complete with annoying blended names. Blen VS Bloss.

Anyway, I had this crush and I was also in the process of writing "Hooray for West Hollywood," which I was sure I was going to sell and get another three book deal. I'd already planned the second book, to be called "Death Of A Sock Puppet," the victim was going to be a right-wing commentator. (Remember, I was outlining this just after impeachment.) The character would look/sound like Hunt Block as Ben Warren, so I was holding onto those tapes and clippings thinkng I was going to write that book.

So finding and throwing those was really, really tough.


Treated myself to Karaoke. Me, Big Frank, Sebastian, Ben the Bartender,The Filipino National Choir and a cast of drunken party goers.

I did Sunset Boulevard, Why Does it Always Rain on Me?, and Teacher's Pet.

Anyway, I'm totally exhausted, probably mentally & physcially and may crash soon.

Does anybody want a Details magazine from August 2005? Absolutely dead sexy picture of David Beckham on the cover. Shirt open to show some chest and tummy with, low slung jeans. Nice pictures on the inside as well, including a very nice tattoo picture.

Added bonus-Mary Louise Parker, in bed, nearly naked.

FREE--I'll send it to you. First come, first serve. It doesn't look like I'm getting LJ notifications right now, so email me at kitty64ster@gmail.com.
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