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House Babble for Out of the Chute

So last week we had about 43 minutes of crap and five minutes of awesome. Last night was the reverse.

The writers actually do remember who House is.

1. A drug addict. (An addict. Full stop.)
2. A man in pain.
3. A man in pain, who uses his pain to justify his drug addiction.
4. A manipulative son of a bitch
5. A whore-mongering bastard.
6. A man who makes a fetish out of his own misery.
7. A man who loves (and possibly fucks) his best friend AND will never, ever acknowledge it, except in jokes and the infliction of emotional pain.
8. A brilliant doctor.
9. A brilliant doctor who functions better fucked up than most doctors do clean and sober.
10. A man in pain caused by two women...No Cuddy, you're not his problem because he loves, wants or needs you. He doesn't. You're his problem because you caused his fucking pain in the first place.

I honestly couldn't believe how well this all went, although I understand the next episode may be rife with puke-worthy "bromance" fanservice.

An actual, honest-to-god interesting, well-written, well-acted patient, who wasn't JUST a plot point to high-light the moral of the soap-opera. I loved the scenes with House and the patient. It's been so long since he did anything but threw out badly written insults. I even liked Miss Pouty Face a tiny bit better. It was unfortunate that she was channeling her inner Cameron circa TB or not TB, but it was marginal improvement. Taub, by NOT being the focus of any actual plot was almost tolerable and how much do I love me some Chase/Foreman wrangling.

This was almost everything I used to love about House. Obviously a lots been lost, but considering every excruciating piece of shit we've been put through since season 4 and especially since season 6, I'll take this one as a win.

We got our bastard back and he was MAGNIFICENT.

I even loved the hooker overkill, since I equate it with Vicodin "sobriety." They were both lies all along and now he can indulge in what he really wants. Yes, it's unlikely he'd be able to perform with all of them given the pain and the pills, but he's been a "dry drunk" for so long (while drinking) that he may be super euphoric and we can also assume there's some Viagra involved.

I was so happy he set up the concierge for the fake murder bit, because for a horrible second there I thought it was real and we were going to go through a horrible rehash of "I'm broken." BLECH!!! (I also wonder if it's a deliberate allusion to William S. Burroughs, who I could easily see as one of House's heroes.)

So...the ending. NO! I believe House does have suicidal tendencies, however the whole balcony climb is nearly implausible no matter how much pain killer is involved. The jump into the pool? UH NO! And the whole Wilson things....just....NO! The song worked well in the opening scene, but using it at the end....so much undermining of all the good that had gone before. I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn't (as far as I can tell) supposed to be a deliberate suicide attempt and that Wilson didn't "save" him, but god it was awful and pointless and stupid.

I was actually hoping it would be a fantasy of some sort...maybe Wilson's delusion of how he's the only one who can save House or something...since all of his House/Cuddy cheer-leading is patently bullshit.

What can I say...I'm still easy for the Greg House I fell in love with, and for at least 43 minutes, we got him back. And this is why I'm STILL watching this show and probably will be until the bitter end.

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