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More trauma-taking down the pictures.

Hubby and I have been in the current apartment since before we were married, which means about 18 years and almost as soon as we moved in, I continued decorating as though I were still a teenager living at home, which meant taping up my pop or movie stars on the wall. Obviously hubby didn't think this was how two grown-ups should be living, but I retained wall custody of the kitchen.

Last night I pulled down the down the following gallery all of which had been there since at least 1989. The pictures were pretty dusty.

Nick Lowe-Picture from Spin magazine. Still love him. Looking forward to concert in October and highly recommend new album.
Neil Young-Picture from Spin magazine. I still respect him, but don't listen to his stuff much anymore. The thing I remember about that article was that they asked him "Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?" and seemed to be embarrassed, but also amused about having written a line like that.
Charlie Sheen-What the hell was I thinking? I think it was a picture from around Major League. What can I say? I had a crush on Charlie from his scenes in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." He was seriously hot in that movie. I think the picture was a watch ad. He was wearing a baseball uniform and looked sweaty.
Emilio Estevez-Postcard, probably from around Breakfast Club. (Hey, at least I didn't have Judd Nelson on the wall anywhere.)
Bryan Ferry-Postcard with the cover picture of Boys and Girls. Still love him. Love the new album-Dylanesque. Hoping he tours the States. Still the best-dressed rock star ever.
George Strait-He's starting to show some wear and tear on the hair and jawline. Plus there's a fine line between a groove and a rut I honestly don't think he's done and interesting song in over ten years. Picture purchased at the first concert I ever saw in the Bay Area. Concord Pavillion. I fell asleep on the BART ride home and ended up having to take a cab home from Daly City.
Cliff Richard-Postcard of him young, young, young, possibly purchased at Camden Lock Market on my first trip to London in 1988 or so. Still love him. Still listen to him. There's also a Cliff Calender hanging in my kitchen.
Michael E. Knight-Picture cut out from Soap Opera Digest. It's not even that good-looking a picture and I wasn't much of a Tad fan ever, so I really have no idea what that thing's been doing on my wall all these years.
Kevin Costner-Cover of Vanity Fair, May 1989.
God he was hot then. And I still thought he was cool. It was that period where he'd just done Bull Durham and the limo scene from No Way Out loomed large in my fantasy life. Before JFK. Before Dances With Wolves. Before he got non-hot looking. Sigh!

The spot in the kitchen between the refrigerator and the kitchen door is now covered by a poster from a Tom Jones concert that I've been holding onto for three years, waiting for a place to put it up.
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