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House Babble for Fall From Grace

Cliff Notes version: I Loved It!

I loved Dominika. I thought the actress was beautiful and the character had great chemistry with House. I know on some-level she was a "Hooker-sue" but somehow I didn't mind. I liked her. I like the way House had fun with her. I like the way Hugh Laurie looked at her.

My H/W-loving self, knows that she's doing the things that House and Wilson should be doing together, but that as currently written, Wilson has chosen to himself out of the picture for. I think that RSL was playing a little bit of the jealousy though. Obviously the "fanfic" ending would have been for there to be a "does anyone have just cause why these two people" and for Wilson to make a dramatic "Because I love you" speech, but that would be BAD FANFIC and this week the show didn't give us BAD FANFIC.

They gave us a perfectly played House who has been wonderfully (if temporarily) reset back to the character I fell in love with.

The last scene was pitch perfect. Some of Hugh's best acting for awhile. I love the idea that he won't sleep with her, now that they're "married." My personal fanon for House is that one of the reasons he never married Stacy was that in spite of everything he actually does respect marriage. (Although clearly never Wilson's.) He didn't trust himself to be faithful to her. And I think this ending still kind of validates my thoughts on this. It's also possible that after his initial rush of being back on the Vicodin, and screwing at least some of last week's hooker brigade with the help of Viagra, that the pills are catching up with his libido again. He literally "can't do this."

Anyway, I'd be happy to have Dominika stick around for awhile, and I wouldn't mind if House decided he could do it...making for more Jealous Wilson.

Speaking of Wilson...While I'm happy we also got at least an attempt at a reset for Cuddy, back to her bad-ass, season 1/2 self, I'm wondering exactly where he got the idea that Cuddy would really say no to House? The last time she tried it was in Meaning, if I'm not mistaken.

Also, was I the only one getting a Wilson/Cuddy vibe, when they were sitting on the bed after the wedding? That would be awesomely in character for Wilson and a nice move for Cuddy, because it could piss House off on both ends. Both his fake "love" for her and his real obsession with Wilson. I know. That's fanfic thinkin again.

I loved House and Dominika drawing both Foreman and Chase into the fun. I ADORED Chase performing the ceremony. I loved Chase remembering his religious feelings when the patient talked about God. Jesse was all kinds of adorable this week. I even cracked a smile at Taub as the Ring-bearer (or was he flower boy?)

So call me easy this week. I kind of liked the patient, although I pretty much knew he was full of it all the way through. I expected some combination of Deception and Whac-a-Mole, whereby he'd be creating all the symptoms to stay in the hospital. I didn't quite expect serial killer, although I'm pretty sure the crack monkeys pulled that one out their orifices at the last moment anyway.

And, again, me and my round heels...I'm actually willing to have 13 come back. (Sorry, CF!)

However, the only reason I'm willing to have 13 come back is that Miss Pouty Face needs to DIE! Die, Miss Pouty Face, DIE! I want her put into a wood-chipper and her fingers fed to the wolverines.

She's like the worst of Cameron at her absolute worst (ODOR!) with no hope of redemption whatsoever.

If the cunning plan was to give me a character I would hate so much that I would take 13 back with open arms to get rid of her...then Dave n Katie have won this round.

Or I'm just so happy to have House and Cuddy back the way I like them that my round heels are showing.
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