karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

My husband is doing a Sesshin this week.

Basically this means that starting yesterday and for the whole seven day period, he's getting up around 4:30AM, going to the Zen Center and sitting zazen all day in 50 minute sessions with a few food breaks.

Strangely enough I'm going to see him slightly more than a typical week, since he is coming home after the day's meditation to sleep whereas when he's working and I'm working out in the morning, we can go three consecutive days and not see each other at all.

Of the great religions, Buddhism is the one I have the fewest issues with, but I do think he's nuts. However this is something important to him and so I'm being supportive. (Including picking up his meds and dealing with psycho-sis this week.)

Let's just say, I do NOT want to hear any guff from him about anything I want to do (or buy) during the Edinburgh/London trip which is (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) just about a month away.
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