karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I'm wearing a short skirt today

First time in a VERY LONG TIME!!!

Possibly inspired by re-watching the Red Nose Day Dr. Who special and hubby commenting that I could wear a short skirt from time to time. This is pretty much the only one I own at this point. It's a brown Lands End with an elastic waist-band, size 10-12. (This doesn't mean I'm actually a size 10-12. Lands End sizes run high and this skirt has been plenty stretched out.)

The bad news is my extremely pale legs. The good news is that basically no one will see me.

I'll have to change back into my leggings and balloon pants for the bike-ride, but then I can put the skirt back on and go to the Mint. See if Hubby notices when I meet him after the Sesshin today.

The 14's are getting problematic because of the way I gain and lose weight. First place I put it on is the gut, so that's the last place it comes off. Right now things are baggy in the butt and things, and my waist is starting to nip in a bit (the side planks are paying off) but I still have the gut so the pants drop down to there and stay put. I don't have any thin belts, so I'm just letting the pants bag. Not sure how much longer that will last.

I'm not ready to invest in a bunch of 12's because most of them won't fit due to the gut.

Maybe I need to do some thrift store shopping this weekend.

It was a gorgeous day to ride the bike this morning and I had a nice smooth ride of 6.88 miles in about 47 minutes.

With hubby doing the Sesshin this week and no House or White Collar to stay home for, I'm going to the Mint every night and working on the NOVEL. For those on the NOVEL filter, there should be a new chapter up by late Saturday or Sunday. I meant to write 100 words every day to match the Drabble-a-Day project. That (shockingly) didn't happen, but I believe I will complete 9000 words by the end of this week, which will cover the same amount.

Once that's done, I can concentrate on either writing some original smut or scraping some serial numbers off a fanfic to submit for the E-book.
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