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New Barrowman interview from Digital Spy.

John Barrowman: 'Torchwood is bigger and better'

I still wish I hadn't had to go through the hell of the CoE run-up, but all is forgiven if THIS Torchwood and THIS Jack actually come to be and show that Tosh knew what she was talking about. As opposed to the "Oh Jack is just a big flirt" party line that a certain cadre tends to espouse.

I must say, it's really not pretty watching the Hysterical brigade trot out their mean-spirited, petty vindictiveness which then gets validated in an anti-John circle jerk, shooting venom at everything from his acting to his intelligence. It should be noted that the circle seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

I'm personally not in love with the poster, only because they stretched out John's face in a way that makes him look gaunt. However as hllangel pointed out to me, the promotional materials for TW tend to have rubbish photos, anyway.

Soon we'll have John as Jack on the nice big-screen TV (and my laptop) in all his stunning Barrowman glory.

La vie est belle!
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