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I watched Maybe Baby last night.

...and kind of wished I hadn't.

Hugh was completely adorable except in the truly horrific scenes where he had the long hair and beard, which I hope were NOT his own. It was cool seeing the context for a lot of the clips from the infamous Discovery Channel fanvid, but for a movie that was supposed to be a comedy, I didn't laugh much. LIKE AT ALL!!!!

Cause it wasn't funny. The characters were going through a horrible situation and suffering and both Hugh and Joely's Richardson's acting reflected that. I felt awful for them. There were times Hugh almost made me cry. It could have been a perfectly good drama. Why Ben Elton thought he was making a comedy is beyond me.

I thought Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, Dawn French et al. were totally wasted and their little schtick moments verged on the embarassing.

Bad drama is still drama. Bad comedy is NOTHING and the disconnect here was so strong that there was hardly anything to enjoy.

Here are the few things I did like:
Joanna Lumley-Loved her and her character.
Hugh-Piano hands, guitar hands, Sperm Test song, shagging bits.
Tom Hollander as Ewan Proclaimer-Pretty much the only laugh-out-loud bits were him. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a Scottish accent.
James Purefoy-Eye candy.

Hugh & Matthew Macfadyen-ONLY because the dynamic was so NOT Jools/Tom as to make me smile that it was even the same actors.

ETA-Bassett Hound! There was an adorable Bassett Hound.
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