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Dear Odwalla, I love you but....

Odwalla First to Market with up to 100 Percent PlantBottle™ Packaging

OK, I love the Odwalla product and I love them for being Eco-friendly....however....for the last four months, my breakfast has been the 16 OZ size of the Vanilla Almondo Soy Protein shake. This gives me enough protein, carbs, sugar etc to get through the morning. It's a sweet, soothing product and I could live with the calorie count at about 400 for the whole bottle.

I'm not a morning person and I'm really not a solid food in the morning person. Having the 16 OZ shake after my workout or bike-ride was working perfectly. Sorry to say, 12 OZ just isn't enough. It leaves me feeling like I need more. I understand there are plenty of solutions to this. A piece of fruit. Some yogurt. Even some cheese or something. BUT I'm not ready for "real food" that early.

I reallyreallyreally loved my 16 OZ shake and I'm feeling very cranky about having it taken away from me.
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