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More magazines up for grabs!

First comment, first served. Because I'm crazy and I can't just throw them away.

Vanity Fare-March 2006
Special Edition: Tom Ford's Hollywood
Naked Scarlett Johannson and Keira Knightley with Tom on the cover.
Portfolio inside includes a seriously hot pic of Viggo Mortensen in a bed touching a woman's foot, Angelina Jolie in a tub, showing tats and Joaquin Phoenix in a bed showing a bit of skin as well. Many, many others.
Jake G, Heath L, Johnathan Rhys-Myers etc etc.

Vanity Fair-November 2006
George Clooney on the cover with a blonde woman's bare back.
Please note, the cover is a little smudged and there's some white spots near George's chin and neck. The inside is pristine and also includes a portfolio of 43 country music stars. girlie_girl_23 if you don't have this already, you may want it. Martina is in a picture with Trisha Yearwood and Billy Currington. She's wearing Daisy Dukes and her legs look great.

Esquire-December 2006
George Clooney on the cover.

I love him, I just don't have space for all this stuff.

Also includes 12 Things You Don't Know About Women by Dana Delany with nice picture.

TV Guide-March 26-April 1 2007
The Sexy Issue
You know, the one that didn't have Hugh or RSL or Jesse.
It does have a fairly hot centerfold of Marg Helgenberger and a lot of other so-called sexy folks.

GQ-September 2006
Clive Owen on the cover.
SEXY AS HELL-It kills me to give this up.
Devilish beard/mustach and slightly smirking right at the camera.
Good profile inside.
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