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I hate my job! So many disasters; so little time.

As I think I've noted before, not only at I not very good at my job, I'm not really temperamentally suited for it. I shy away from confrontation. I'm terrified of having "grown-ups" yell at me, even if they're half my age. I want people to love me. You get the picture.

So...Friday night. Well-known, problem child, persnickety, cost-conscious client. His admin calls and tells me his flight was struck by lightening and are there any later flights. There's only one. It's on American and it's only available in First Class. She asks me how much. I price it and it comes up as $1276.00, which she oks for ticketing. I thought I had the flight stored and fared at that price. When I go go to ticket it, the only fare that comes up is $3045.00.

And I panicked. Totally froze. Somehow I told myself that my well-known, cost conscious, persnickety problem child client would rather charge his client $3000.00 to get from Chicago to San Francisco than have to over-night Chicago, and that the possibility of his getting to the gate and not having the ticket ready would be worse than the fallout from my costing the firm an additional $1769.00.

So I ran the ticket....and of course the admin went nuts and now I'm looking at our agency having to absorb the difference, which I then have to explain purely in terms of my own emotional failure, which is hardly the way to bolster my reputation.


Same Friday night. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a consultant from Columbus to London to Brussels to TOKYO and then to NY. She wants business class and sleeper seats and doesn't want to do two round trips AND I don't feel I can ask her to take Aeroflot or Turkish airlines, or even risk the inevitable Alitalia strike. So it's a pretty expensive ticket. BUT her previous Asia trip was approved with no problems and technically I only have to advise someone of the cost, not get an approval anyway. AND I have to issue the ticket on Friday night to confirm even that fare.

Soooooo.......I put the itinerary together and send the "advising business class fare" email, along with a bunch of tap-dancing about all the reasons it was so high and the reasons I could't get the fare down, even though I knew damn well that it was so late on Friday that no one would see it and if there was push-back I'd get it today, at which point it would be too late to void the nonrefundable very expensive ticket.

And guess what? I got a very nervous call this morning from the traveler, saying there were emails going back and force over the weekend asking to me to make sure this is the cheapest way to do the trip....even though no one has sent any of these emails to me.

This is NOT going to end well.

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