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House Babble for Last Temptation

Boy, even the title annoys me.

She may be the single worst character this show has ever tried to foist on us, including SRV. I realize this means I'm giving 13 a pass again, but hopefully this wench is off our screens for good and next week I can re-assert my 13 hatred.

Things that Miss Pouty Face is not:
Remotely interesting.

In fact her so-called "honestly" has always been bull-shit.

House pegs her beautifully: SHE IS NOT EXCEPTIONAL.

The fact that he thought it was worth his time to try and corrupt her was a major failing on his part.

In fact, I pretty much fell in love with the chicken just for making her trip.

I loved the chicken plot and I'll even give that one to the H/W fluff-bunnies as their bone for the week. House and Wilson were doing something that was kind of first/second season cute that could theoretically be construed as a stand-in for their blow-jobs and banter affair.

I'm also awarding myself a shout-out for House basically calling her Miss Pouty Face. Unlike the gratuitous use of a smushname, I take this as pure validation. I'm the only one I know who calls her that and even if TPTB are trolling the interwebs, I doubt they're reading my babbles. (If you are reading my babbles: call me. I can fix your show.) Therefore I have to believe that House --- and by extension the writers --- realize how miserably unattractive the Pouty Faced one is.

Sorry Amber Tamblyn. You may have talent. You may actually not be as ugly as you look in close-up on this show in those clothes, but everytime I watched you do that dorky little run, I was hoping you'd fall flat on your unappealing face. So one again: YAY CHICKEN!

Speaking of validation...so they trotted out the tale of the infarction, although Stacy was not mentioned by name, except as his girlfriend. If I understand the point of this epic charade, they were basically saying that Miss Pouty Face did the right thing, and there fore Stacy and by extension Cuddy did the right thing. I realize there's a difference between the "author" voice and the "protagonist" voice, but House also seemed to think that Miss Pouty Face did the right thing.

I know this was already done in "Help Me" but I find it interesting that they used this piece of crap to rehash it one more time. Although maybe it was more like a "greatest hits" collection, since they also invoked You Can't Always Get What You Want. All of which would have been potentially interesting and even moving if it wasn't attached to such a pointless piece of crap devoted to such a useless character.

Continuity note: was the surgeon for whom she interned for all of five minutes, the surgeon that they conned into operating on Lucy Palmieri or the one House blackmailed into operating on the patient in the Mistake? I'm pretty sure it was one or the other.

Please dear gods of television. Let her be well and truly gone. Au revoir Miss Pouty Face. Don't let the hospital doors hit your unattractive tuchus on the way out.
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