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Many missions accomplished today

We paid a visit to Flight 001 in Hayes Valley, and among other things, I got a nice padded case for my lap-top to keep it safe on my trip to the UK.

Lots of laundry and picking up done.

Goddess nails, pedicure, eye-brow and leg waxing.

Watched Dr. Who-The Impossible Astronaut-LOVED IT! I may do a longer post after I re-watch with Ivan on Thursday. Aside from the Bad Nixon, my only conflict is that I LOVE River Song and I love River/Doctor, but some part of my Jack/Doctor shipping heart wants all of that banter to be with Jack instead.

Downloaded Dr. Who Confidential and the Sarah Jane tribute-will watch later.

Drabble written and posted.

And tomorrow is HAIR DAY.

One week to my UK trip!

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