karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I didn't make it into the Nike 1/2 Marathon.

No big surprise there. And NO, Nike, NO WAY IN HELL am I interested in going with Team In Training. (Yes, they do some good things, but basically to me it's a cult AND a scam.)

However, I could still sign up for The US Half Marathon on November 6, which would be two weeks AFTER my birthday.


Also, I'm just back from a doctor's appointment and I asked her what the difference was between my weight taken the last time (which was back in November) and this one. According to her, there's been a 20 pound drop. Which could be even more than that, since I ate my way through most of November AND December and therefore could have had even more to lose by the time I hit bottom.
Tags: exercise, food, journal, running

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