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"Finding It Hard" House MD drabble House/Wilson Rating-NC17

Title: Finding It Hard
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: House/Wilson (mention of Wilson/Amber)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 100
Notes:Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 125. mmom Day 5. Prompt from khylara: Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You" used in a twisted way. Unbeta'd. Comments and concrit welcome. Takes place during Season 4, before House's Head.
Summary: Winning the battle; losing the war.

Wilson was drunk.

Sexy, stupid, karaoke drunk.

Singing Barry Manilow drunk.

The good news was he couldn’t get it up for Amber. The bad news was he wouldn’t be able to get it up for House either. The small victory was pointless if he couldn’t have Wilson’s cock up his ass before dumping him back at Amber’s.

House limped to the bathroom, hard-on already pushing against his jeans. Thank god for the handicapped stall. He fisted himself with hard, angry strokes, managing to achieve a muffled, climax as Wilson reached his own big finish.

“I just can’t smile….without youuuuuuuu.”

Tags: drabble, drabble-a-day 2011, fanfic, greg house, house md, house/wilson, james wilson, mmom, mmom 2011, slash
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