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Work Rant

Well it's been a while so here we go again.

How on god's green earth can they possibly be paying enough money (including that ever so princely 3% raise) to put up with this crap?

Monday-client calls from to New York to change return to flight that night instead of next day. I change flight and say "No problem, I'll reissue that."
For some reason, I didn't. Maybe it was brainrot. Maybe it was not queueing somewhere that I had to see it. Maybe it was Bubbles bubbling around my office that morning. It didn't get re-issued. Passenger got to airport-NO E-TICKET and she happened to call when both Dianna and I were on the phone. She called "Millie" who knocked on my office door and proceed to STAND THERE. I was on the phone giving flight times to an admin. All she had to do was say "Hey, urgent problem." Or even grab my arm, or something. But no, she just STOOD THERE and then went away. By that time the client had bought the new ticket at the airport and gotten even more pissed. If "Millie" had gotten my attention, I could have easily pushed the ticket through at my end. I realize this is totally my fault, but it still makes me miserable.

Some background-The law firm I'm working at is handing a big case in Phoenix. They have a lot of people going back and forth and staying for weeks at a time. They wanted to block some rooms. One of the hotels said, "sure we'll even give you a special rate", but they wanted them to sign a contract including "attrition". That means that if they cancel and their room night usage falls below the rate they contracted, they have to pay for the nights anyway. The firm didn't want to commit. The hotel didn't want to give them the rooms. Finally the hotel people gave in. The firm got the rooms they really wanted at another hotel RIGHT NEXT DOOR and Tuesday morning, I got a call from Anna at the first hotel telling me quite loudly and at length how disappointed she was. As if I had any control over these people and as if I needed to be her whipping boy for the reaming out she probably got from her revenue manager. And I just sat there, near tears, and took it. I kept apologizing like this was somehow my fault.

Today-Client is going to Japan. It's firm charge which means it's supposed to be coach, but he wants Business. I find a cheap enough Business class fare
to get it approved. I call his admin with the good news. She's happy. AND NOT
FIVE MINUTES LATER, she's calling me back with "He wants First."

I hate these people sososososososososososososo much.

Is it any wonder I need my House MD/Slash/LJ life so badly? Even if it means that sometimes I sink in so deep I ignore Hubby a little bit, because being in House-world and writing smut and getting warm fuzzies is so much better than this hell I'm experiencing five days a week.

I'm getting a major case of the sniffles and sneezes. Not sure if it's cold or allergies.
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