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Vacation report-Monday/Tuesday

Since I did a long run/walk/run on Sunday I knew I was going to wake up hurting on Monday. It's not that I ran that long or that hard, but that I'm absolutely terrible about not stretching thoroughly. It's just something I hate to do and I've just decided I'm willing to pay the price. Stupid, I know.

So it took a bit of creakng and moaning and groaning to get out of bed on Monday. Luckily there was absolutely NOTHING on the agenda for the day, except being a slug, catching up on LJ and oh yeah, that story I'm supposed to be working on.

We did get out to Crepevine for brunch and afterwards did some shopping at Safeway where we wound up on line behind Mr. "I've got coupons and I'm going to use every one of them damnit." Unfortunately this included finding out that the coupon for cheese was good for Sharp Cheddar, but not the Mild, he'd picked out, so our cashier had to go looking for the Sharp Cheddar while we all cooled our heels. Hubby and I got in some good snark with the guy who was stuck in back of us.

Hubby tried to be sensible afterwards and tell me that the guy was probably on fixed income and needed to get every savings he could and it was the store's fault for issuing vague coupons. I wasn't feeling all that sympathetic.

Monday night, he went to play at the Irish Music session (slow players) at Ireland's 32 on Geary and I went to the Mint. I hung out with my lovely buddy David, which was cool as I was able to share my feelings about a BDSM epic I've been enjoying reading until it went from edgy to schmoopy and I felt horribly betrayed. David is a leather boy with tons of experience in the scene and also a writer so we discussed the difference between what is necessary for a sane, consensual relationship and what makes for hot fic. Not the same thing, as those of us who don't mind a little non-con fic now and again know all too well.

I did Sunset Boulevard and he said it was the best thing he'd ever seen me do because I was on key through-out (a novelty) and because I emoted. I told him it was all about JB.

I also sang Sunny Afternoon, which had been requested when I was chatting with timber_shiver, Redemption Song, one of my favorites, which I totally nailed and finished up with I Am What I Am, my newest "John song."

I had TiVo'ed Countdown and watched it with Hubby when I got home. He'd never seen the show and was entranced. It's now on a Season pass.

Yesterday I got up and went to the gym. 15 minute treadmill warmup and some weights. I know I pushed it cause I'm stiff again today, but it's good stiff.

Our Mission for Tuesday was to see my grandparents and get myself off the "You suck for not seeing your grandparents," list at least for awhile. It turned to we had all the drama that we didn't have getting to the concert on Sunday.

I didn't know the name or address of the nursing home where Grandma is and Grandpa wasn't answering his cell-phone messages. Hubby was pissed at me for not wanting to call my Aunt and Uncle to get the information. We ended up using the internet. I got a list of Nursing Homes in San Rafael, recognized the address of one and called. It turned out to be the right one. Warm day in SF and Very VERY hot one in Marin County, which is good for long motorcycle rides, but not so good when you arrive in full leathers.

Anyway, Grandma was out of bed, pretty lucid and good spirits. We visited with her awhile although there wasn't much to say and it's hard to have a conversation with her because she can't hear well. Hubby played his mandolin and I wrote.

I finally managed to get in touch with Grandpa and we arranged to meet him at an Irish Music session where he plays bodhran and generally has a good time.

Hubby and I had dinner at Hanna's in San Rafael, where we used to go with Grandma and Grandpa before they had to go into their respective nursing homes and when Grandma was a bit more mobile. It's a lovely place with great food and outdoor seating.

After that we took a much needed walk around Central San Rafael. It was weird because the part near the restaurant and the Mayflower (the Irish bar) was almost deserted but as we walked up to A Street, it was like a town suddenly broke out and there were people everywhere. Hubby was in search of a video store so he could get Season 3 of American Chopper, but there was none to be found.

We went to the Mayflower and it was (by my lights) a good session with some really great musicians including a box accordian player (female) who was stomping and kicking all kinds of ass. Matt felt like he was in over his head but did what could. A lot of musicians were off the main stage including us. We had a table next to the stage where I could sit and (you guessed it) WRITE!!!! I got a lot of work done. I'm going to finish this damn thing today, I hope.

Grandpa showed up and did his thing as well, so he was happy.

I got a call from my buddy Allison in LA and wound up spending some time outside the bar talking to her, which was nice. I miss Allison. We suffer the same food/body/exercise issues and offer each other a lot of support.

I had been dreading the ride home because it was hot hot hot in Marin County and I knew it would be Cold Cold Cold on the Golden Gate Bridge going back, but honestly it wasn't half as bad as some of our rides home.

For some reason our "Countdown" hadn't taped, but I was so zonked I totally crashed and burned while we were watching the new Dirty Jobs.

TODAY IS MASSAGE DAY! Whooooo-hooooo
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