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We're on the train from Edinburgh to London

I'm hoping to do less touring and more relaxing when we get there, starting with some much-needed massages. I'll try to do some more typing up and posting of tour notes as well.

I was really excited to be watching Dr. Who "live" in the UK yesterday although I thought the episode was just ok, meaning yes exciting and sort of old-school Who, but not anything deep or mind-fucky. Although last week had enough mind-fucking to last a lifetime and next week is Neil Gaimon.

Couldn't sleep last night, so I ended up seeing and old CSI, with GUESS WHO? Tim DeKay. He was sort of the baddie, but did a good acting job trying to convince us, the CSI team and himself otherwise.

Here are some Twitpics from our trip to the Edinburgh Zoo yesterday: (Two different kinds of bird-life as it were.) Click for the bigger pictures.

There will be real picspams when I get home.

Penguins on parade at the Edinburgh Zoo on Twitpic

Hen Do at the Edinburgh Zoo on Twitpic
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