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Caught up on LJ and ready to rumble!

Yesterday was massage day! Hubby and I had hot stone massages at Relax Now! on Fillmore street. $80.00 for an hour is NOT a bad deal. Just to clarify, we had them one after the other, not at the same time. It's bad enough for the masseuse to hear me make massage noises, I'd rather NOT have the hubby hear it, unless he's the one giving me the massage. I have no idea if the hot stones actually do anything, but damn, they feel good especially the ones placed down my spine. I really felt like everything was getting crunched back into place.

Afterwards, I went to the Mint for a bit. I tried taking Sunset Boulevard up one more tone, so that's up THREE and it actually felt much better. Otherwise the verses are still to low and I'm an alto, so it has to be pretty low to be too low. I also tried a different version of "I Am What I Am," but I still wan't crazy about the arrangement. We have one more in the book, but it's the Linda Eder version...maybe I'll give that a try. I also did Flaming Star (one of my favorite Elvis songs) and Travelin' Man. I love singing Ricky Nelson, but I really miss the Pioneer Laser Disk video for that song.

I got home to find that Hubby had gone to Ameobe and bought the Dr. Who boxed set of the Tom Baker years. Unfortunately, it seemed to be defective. We tried several disks in the set and they all played the FBI warning and the BBC logo and then STOPPED DEAD. Boo-hisss. Hopefully he's getting a replacement or a refund today.

Instead we watched De-Lovely which had arrived from Netflix. I had prewarned hubby about the impending squeeeeeee that would result from the appearance of YOU KNOW WHO and squeeeee-ing there was. I pretty much had to bite down on the notebook I was writing in to prevent 911 calls from concerned neighbors. God I love that man. Especially in period clothes. THE HAT!!!!! YUMYUMYUMYUM.

I know the later parts of the movie are very sad and Cole Porter's life following the accident was pretty miserable, but hey, if you get shag JB in a carriage in Central Park just once...how bad can life be?

I liked the way they did the movie as a "show." It was sort of a throwback to a 1940's "and then I wrote" bio-pic, but more honest (obviously) and I was really happy that Jonathan Pryce got to sing at the end. (LOVE HIM!)

So the vacation was really nice. Relaxed. Heard a LOT of live music. Relaxed. Most important--I finished a story. Hand-written first draft anyway. I had a few false starts and I'm sure Beta Goddess Carol will need to do some serious (ahem) whipping. (OK, that's a clue.) Anyway, two days at the Desk Of Doom and then I get a three day weekend.

The phones are quiet (kanine hora), so now I can start typing.
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