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Some more Twit-Pics and random thoughts.

Going to the Consulate tomorrow to deal with the passport situation.


Jade & Diesel-Two Staffies at the Alexandra Palace.
Jade and Diesel, outside The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace, Londo... on Twitpic

K-gal and timbershiver plus Poppy-at Phoenix Bar-Alexandra Palace-London
K-gal & Timbershiver, plus Poppy at Phoenix Bar, Alexandr... on Twitpic


Whatever made me think that I'd be able to "relax" in London?


Bridal shop doggie in Cardiff
Bridal shop doggie in Cardiff on Twitpic

K-gal and filthgoblin on the tour bus in Cardiff.
K-gal and Mme_G on Tour Bus in Cardiff on Twitpic


Am I the only one to see a femslash subtext between Helena and the Countess in "All's Well That Ends Well?"
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