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The trip report returns! Edinburgh Day 1, Part 2

Mmmmmm. Tea. Earl Grey with milk and sugar and a shortbread cookie. The world was warm and bright and finally our room was ready. No discount or comp. nights, but we did get an upgrade. Nice spacious as was the tub. Lots of room for soaking travel-tired legs.

I’d been lecturing Hubby about how we absolutely should NOT go to sleep until that night in order not to screw up our sleep patterns. Naturally I proceeded to pass out for two or so hours while he went back out on the Muir Tartan hunt.

He came back without the Tartan, but with a new plaid jacket, which he pretty much wore nonstop for the whole trip.

We decided to take one of the walking tours and settled on the “Double Dead” tour. We went to both the South Bridge Vaults and the Greyfriar’s Graveyard. Our tour guide was Rob from Glasgow. Excellent guide, full of schtick and stores. He reminded me a bit of Christopher Eccleston, maybe because of the accent. (Yes, I know that Glaswegian isn’t the same as Salford.) Also, he wore a leather coat that was similar to the Ninth Doctor’s. Turns out that ALL the guides from City of the Dead wear the leather coats, as opposed to Mercat Tours, where the guides or wear capes, which you’re supposed to call cloaks, or dress in some kind of period costume and work as “in character” guides.

Anyway, the tour was fab and very informative. I really liked the cemetery section, which includes a look at the building which was apparently the visual inspiration for Hogwarts. The pure history stuff was really great, especially the story of the Covenanters and Bloody George McKenzie.

Rob, it should be noted, was VERY determined to completely debunk the legend of Greyfriar’s Bobby. Apparently the whole thing is rubbish.

By this time, my pre-tour Luna Bar was wearing off. Hubby picked our dinner location. Bay of Bengal on The Royal Mile. Somewhat disappointing. Hubby enjoys a good lip-burn out of his Indian food and even though his lamb dish was supposed to be both hot and spicy , it didn’t really deliver. I went super wimpy and ordered mild. What got was the color of a lemon custard and equally sweet. I knew it had mango and coconut , but I figured t might have a little zing as well. No zing. Even the garlic naan was bland. Oh well. It was hot (in temperature) and filling.

It was getting REALLY cold, so we hot-footed (haha) it back to the hotel to watch my download of the Dr. Who episode we missed while in transit. Day Of The Moon was the episode where Moff proves that not only is the scariest motherfucker in valley, he can also out mind-fuck any writer working in television and yes, that includes JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon.

Strangely enough the bit I found squickiest were the tally marks on Amy, Rory and River. Even after I knew what they were it creeped me out something fierce. As for Canton’s reveal…I want Jack/Canton porn. Like Now. PLEASE!

Finally crashed sometime around 1:30AM. No wake up call. We thought we couldn’t possible sleep that late.

(And for those who wanted to know….definitely confirmed: I went on vacation without my birth control pills.)
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