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Post-vacation Pimp Post

A wacky little mixed bag this week.

Starting out with a fic that I finally got around to reading from LAST YEAR'S MMOM.

The fandom is the fairly obscure 1989 film Warlock, which I highly recommend for some seriously campy fun. (DUDE! Julian Sands as a Warlock!). You don't need to know anything about the film to enjoy the story, which is super dark and angsty and written very well in a period style.

The Warlock's Apprentice by von_gelmini
Rating: PG13.


Torchwood/Doctor Who

You guys know it's rare that I read or pimp and EPIC fic, but this one is amazing and certainly worth the time to read. Also, in spite of being long, it goes super fast. It's a Post-CoE Jack/Gwen hurt/comfort smut extravaganza spelling out exactly what Jack wanted and needed from Gwen all along and giving it to him.

After The End Of the World by veritas6_5
You can either read it at her LJ or HERE! at Fanfiction.Net. Please leave comments and concrit. The writer worked their ASS off on this and deserves feedback on their labors.

The Adventure of the Discovered Country by laurab1

Torchwood/Sherlock Holmes crossover featuring my beloved Owen Harper and giving him a better ending than RTD did.

Rating: PG

We Don't Fit In, But Maybe We Fit Together by Jooles34

Jack Harkness/Canton Delaware III

Awesome smut recced to me by aeron_lanart when I begged the universe for some Jack/Canton smut. This more than fits the bill and Jack is Real!Jack to the max. Major happy-dancing ensued when I read it.


RPS-Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie

A lovely piece of artwork done by littlemaniac in response to This Drabble. (I love it when my fic gets illustrated!)



Some "domestic poetry" written by my friend toddyboi.
Go HERE. Read. Give love.


White Collar

Deliciously smutty comment fic written for me by photoash and posted HERE!. I asked for Neal/Adler and she gave me very hot Neal/Mozzie with Neal/Adler overtones. Seriously hot and totally filthy. Just the way I like it and I know some of you do too.


Not my ship or even a fandom I'm currently watching, BUT I know there's interest out there so.... This may be a bit dark, but if your looking for some heavy duty emotional Brittany/Santan fic, check this out:

Consequences by blueashke.

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