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Why I call the Evil Scale God the EEEEEVIL SCALE GOD!

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I have now completed the Beginner 1 program of the 10 weeks to 100 pushups program, although it actually took me nearly six months.

My goal going forward is to keep doing the week 10 sets until I can perform the long set of 50, 55, or 60 pushups without having to stop for additional rest breaks.

I also had a weird encounter with the evil scale god today. When I weighed myself a week ago, the scale in the locker room at the gym said I was about a smidge over 163 which put me a bit down from where I'd been just before leaving for the UK. So I assumed I'd either not done too much damage with the scones or that I'd undone it in the week after I got home.

Today that same scale said that I was basically at 160. This is fabulous news. The problem is I dont'/can't/won't believe it. This is why I call it the EVIL scale god. It messes with my head and I get totally obsessed with the number, which I KNOW is subject to everything from my menstrual cycle to stress related hormones and water retention.

In the past week, I've bumped UP my cardio, both in terms of bike miles and treadmill work-outs, but I've also taken back a few calories on my eating. I added an egg or a piece of cheese to my lunches, and started having an additional piece of fruit, mostly to fend off low-blood sugar late in the day. I've also started very slowly putting some more weight training in. Low reps, low weights, but it's more than I was doing before. I also did a long run of 8 miles on Saturday.

Two days ago, I was telling filthgoblin that I felt fat. One of the pairs of 14's that had been feeling loose was getting (or at least I felt like it was) tight again.

I know it's possible, but given my general pattern for weight-loss, a three pound drop in 7 days seems unlikely. So I'm convinced someone recalibrated the scale. Which really pisses me off. I was fairly comfortable with the slow rate of weight loss I was seeing and the looseness in the size 14's.

Now I'm frustrated and confused and mostly mad at myself for breaking my own commandment about staying off the damn thing.

20 minutes cross-ramp
Push-ups: 13/13/18/18/13/13/13/60
Core work with Stability ball
Side planks
Tricep overheads: 10 lb weights/ 2 sets of 6
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