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Double Digit Day!!!

I went over ten miles today. My knees and calves are not happy with me right now and are going to be considerably less so tomorrow morning.

Hubby has to go back to work tonight, so I'm staying out of trouble and taking advantage of the hi-speed at Cafe Petra. Bunch of fics underway including my Halloween Costume, my fic for the Fic Writers Anonymous Challenge (What was that I said about clearing my desk?) as well as stray bunnies I'm trying fend off.

Fun at the Mint last night with Daddy Dave, Peggy, Sebastian, Bradley, Ben the Bartender and others including the lovely Ash, who I hadn't seen in quite awhile. She's got a long-distance g.f. in Texas and seems to be doing quite well.

I gave everybody a break from Sunset Boulevard and did Anything Goes as my JB song instead. (Doing the lyrics he uses instead of just the repeat as Sinatra recorded it.) Before that I did Sex Bomb, while wearing my Sex Bomb shirt. I also sang Copacabana for Bradley, who had left by the time my turn came up. The funny part was that Regina texted me a "Guess who I'm seeing next Saturday" which turned out to be Barry Manilow, so I dialed her and had Peggy hold up the phone while I sang Copa.

Then things started getting busy so I bought Hubby his sushi and got out. Being Miss Klutz, I managed to knock over Ash's beer with my bag and get it all over the table, the floor and Sebastian's big CDG carrying case. Oops!

We watched some more of the Sopranos Season 5. Some episodes that were just a brilliance balance between the humor and the drama. Man, when Steve Buscemi starts freaking out...that is something to see.


I've edited the original invite post. Just in case I didn't make it clear, RPS and RPF are most welcome as costumes, as long as it meets other costume criteria (new pairing, style, fandom) and most especially if worn by an attendee who who's on the record as saying that RPS/RPF is nasty, evil, icky and squicky.
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