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King of the Mountains!

Crosspost from dailyexercise

OK, king of the pathetic little hills.

I managed to do the two "big" hills on my bike ride to work in 2nd gear rather than going all the way down to 1st. I actually didn't think I'd ever be able to do that. I pretended I was Jan Ullrich and that Paul Sherwin was talking about me going up the hill with my "monstrous gear."

I also got up and early and did a few extra blocks in my neighborhood and went out to the end of the Aquatic Park Pier before turning around so my mileage for this morning is about 12.03, which is did in 1 hour 23 minutes of riding time and 1 hour 26 minutes door to door.

Assuming a three mile ride home, that can be a total of 15 on the day and if the wind/rain isn't too bad I'll try and tack on a bit more.
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