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30 Days of Torchwood Meme

Ganked from teamharkness and presented in honor of Torchwood: Miracle Day, premiering on July 8, 2011.

Here are the questions:

Day 01 - Your favourite Torchwood member
Day 02 – Your favourite series
Day 03 – Your favourite episode
Day 04 - Your favourite alien
Day 05 - A scene that made you cry
Day 06 - A scene that made you smile
Day 07 - Your favourite quote
Day 08 - Your favourite cast member
Day 09 - An image that makes you smile like a git
Day 10 - Your favourite promo picture
Day 11 - Your favourite coup
Day 12 - Your favourite couple scene
Day 13 - A piece of music you love from the series
Day 14 - Something you’d like to re-write in the series
Day 15 - Behind the scene video that made you laugh the most
Day 16 - Your favourite outfit
Day 17 - Your favourite Gwen moment
Day 18 - Your favourite Ianto moment
Day 19 - Your favourite Jack moment
Day 20 - Your favourite Owen moment
Day 21 - Your favourite Toshiko moment
Day 22 - Who you’d shag, cliff and marry
Day 23 - Your favourite Torchwood website
Day 24 - A Torchwood geek moment you’ve had
Day 25 - Your favourite Torchwood fan-fiction
Day 26 - A piece of fan-art
Day 27 - A fan-video
Day 28 - Your favourite location or set
Day 29 - Where you think the series should continue to
Day 30 - Best Torchwood on Doctor Who moment

Day 01 - Your favourite Torchwood member

The one, the only, Captain Jack Harkness

Not gonna lie. I came to Who because of Jack. I fell in love with Empty Child Jack and that's what I came to Torchwood for. I love Gwen, adore Owen, want to cuddle Tosh, and I have varying amounts of affection for Suzie and all the historical Torchwood folk we met over the years, including our evil Victorian Gals, but none of them is worth watching the show (which lets face it, can be pretty weak tea) without Jack being his charming, bastard, shagging anything and everything (if it's gorgeous enough) self. That's why I've hung in through the worst of CoE and what I'm counting on from Miracle Day. Jack Harkness being the character I fell in love with.
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