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A few notes on White Collar-On Guard

I love it when my fanon is comletely validated!

OK, I was wrong about Kate being behind the art theft, but I was right about Neal/Mozzie.

OH MOZZIE! It's all about getting Neal away from the suit, not to mention Sarah, Alex and anyone else. He wants Neal all to himself, presumably the way it used to be before Kate came along.

I mean he wants the money, but what he really, really wants is Neal. "No suits on the island." It doesn't get any more blatant than that, and I've been calling it even before I'd actually seen an episode.

The unfortunate thing is that even though I love Mozzie, there's no sympathy for Neal to lie Peter in this circumstance, so that watching the con is just unpleasant and I do NOT want him to get away with it. I didn't even like seeing Jones get taken in by the umbrella thing.

One nice scene for the small cadre of Neal/El shippers.

Aside from the tie thing, a refreshing lack of fanservice. Nice subtext and chemistry but nothing too blatant.

Was it really necessary to have a gratuitous Sarah scene just to info dump that they've actually schtupped? At least we didn't have to watch it.

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