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And if you give me.....weed, whites....and a Pimp Post

One more pushy reminder:

Go write a Torchwood double drabble for TW100

I'll pledge to match my F-list drabble for drabble. If you write one as a result of this post, I'll write one as well. Just comment here with the link at tw100.


White Collar

Piping hot off the griddle, we have some post "On Guard" tie-fic by hllangel!
Peter/El, nice and smutty, but loving, the way we like it.
Go. Read. Give love.

Speaking of hllangel and White Collar:

Here are her thoughts on "On Guard." Much more detailed and well thought out than my own quick response.


The Shape Of Things To Come by coffeethyme4me
Written for mmom.
Hot wank-fic including rimming.

Ocean's 11

Danny/Rusty comment fic written for my prompt "Where The Boys Are" by old_blueeyes in a kissing meme.


Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Voyeuristic Tendancies by dustandroses


Another sizzling ditty from this years mmom. It's actually part of series featuring Spike and Xander, but this part can certainly be read as a stand-a-lone and it's SERIOUSLY, SMOKING HOT, with an excellent Spike voice that really captures his attitude and his sense of humor.



It's Only A Broken Arm by ashley_pitt

Rating: PG

MY BOYS!!! Whoooooo-hooooo!!!! No smut, but lots of great snark and affection.



Words I Don't Say by miss_zedem.

This is a fic that just came up on the list I've been working through. (You know, the one where I'm just getting to LAST YEAR'S kink bingo fics.)

It's wonderful fic based on the idea of Greg coming out as bisexual and the reactions (some quite surprising) that he gets from different members of the team. It's really well written, nuanced, sweet, sensitive and did I mention really well-written.

I haven't watched CSI in ages, but this did a lot to remind me how much I'd once loved and cared about the show and the characters.

Definitely worth a look if you were or still are a CSI fan, and if you like good character-driven fic.
Tags: btvs, csi, gibbs/fornell, mmom, ncis, pimping, torchwood, tw100, white collar

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