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30 Days of Torchwood Meme-Day 14

Ganked from teamharkness and presented in honor of Torchwood: Miracle Day, premiering on July 8, 2011.


Day 14 - Something you’d like to re-write in the series

I’d tweak almost everything starting with one key plot point: Ianto dies in Cyberwoman, as was originally intended. Jack is mostly upset that Ianto managed to con him. Gwen appears truly devastated and Jack takes the opportunity to put a consoling arm around her shoulder.

Series 1-
Jack flirts with Owen, Tosh and Gwen and is at least implied to be having flings w/ men, women and aliens through throughout. (Running gag of the team having to wait outside some apartment until Jack comes out. At least one shot of him in a threesome.)

At the end of They Keep Killing Suzie, Jack is seen meeting Kathy Swanson for a drink and probably more.

More reaction on Jack’s part to Owen/Gwen. Clearly jealous, but we’re not sure of whom, or if it’s both.

Tension in Captain Jack Harkness is between Owen and Gwen, hashing out unresolved issues. She says she’s hurt he dumped her after Diane. He says he’s pissed she’s clearly infatuated with Jack. The physical fight happens without the head kicking. She shoots him.

Jack publically kisses Gwen in End of Days and she specifically indicates that he should go to Owen for the forgiveness hug.

Series 2-
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-More evidence that Jack seriously wants to pursue Gwen. Things get much more physical before he finds the ring. Clear implication that Jack and John pop off for a quickie before Jack sends John on his way. Makes “I found Gray” that much more chilling.

Something Borrowed-Owen and Tosh discuss which of them should cut in on Jack and Gwen dancing to keep Rhys from noticing how close they are. They both do, but Owen ends up dancing with Jack, Tosh with Gwen.

From Out of the Rain-filmed as originally written to show Jack/Gwen connection.

Fragments-Indira Varma is brought back to show that Jack brought her into Torchwood and then seduced her.

Exit Wounds-Owen doesn’t die, but it devastated by Tosh’s death and her video. The “threesome” set up at the end is Jack/Gwen/Owen.

Dr. Who-Journey’s End-The Doctor clearly thinks that Jack and Gwen are a couple. Jack is wistful, but claims otherwise. Martha joins Torchwood and is in place for Children of Earth, instead of Lois.

Children of Earth-Most of the Ianto/Family stuff is given to Owen, without the “relationship” stuff, as well as Owen’s frustration with not knowing about Jack’s past, again without the over-lay of whining. Owen dies and Jack makes the exact same speech, word for word, because it’s all about another one of his people dying, not about any specific relationship. He comforts Gwen, just as he did after Ianto, this time realizing that he’s emotionally involved.

Jack tells Martha “I can’t look at her,” meaning Gwen, now that she’s pregnant and farther out of his grasp than ever. Jack still leaves, but Martha is with Gwen, to say “He’ll come back. I know it.”
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