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Saturday Sloth and FINALLY!!!!!! (Plus a picture of a shiny thing.)

Did pretty much nothing Saturday but wait for it to be Torchwood time.
Woke up. Went to Castro Street for brunch at Luna. Came home. Vegged and watched DVD's. Obsessed about whether TiVo was working in bedroom and living room. Verified that both were operating. Left for dinner, also on Castro Street. Went to Anchor Oyster Bar and froze for 20 minutes or so waiting to get in. Had my favorite meal in the world-clam chowder and oysters.

Thursday was my 17th wedding anniversary and I specifically told hubby NOT TO GET ME ANYTHING. Did he listen? See below:

I'm calling him Jack.

So yeah, we watched it. And no, I was in no way disappointed, even with all the self-spoiling I'd done. I mean come...on the pizza scene, the bar scene, the bum, the arms, the voice, the teeth. THE COAT. God, does he work that coat. And presumably there's a plot of some sort as well.

After one ep, I'm still not on the Gwen!hate or the Owen!hate bandwagons that I've surmised exist heavily in certain quarters of the fandom.

And then we watched Graham Norton with David Tenant and Jo Brand which made me laugh to the point of tears, which doesn't happen very often.

Quite a wonderful day.

P.S.-Shameless self-promotion: Please read my Joolsfic. I'm very proud of it and aside from my RPS, I love writing Jools more than almost anything.
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