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San Francisco Sunday

12 mile bicycle ride this morning. I just couldn't face another leg-pounder of a long run and I wanted to use the odometer to figure out the mile marks for the next few long runs. I've been using the same route for years, but I keep forgetting exactly where the cut-offs are for 5 1/2 miles and 6 miles.

I'm not crazy about bike riding, but it's another way to keep moving and fight off my genetic predisposition to resemble the Goodyear Blimp.

After that it was pretty much more vegging (and some writing) including another watch of the Torchwood ep (instigated by Hubby in order to actually attempt to catch some plot points) until it was time for karaoke.

Nice mellow time at the Mint. Me, Sebastian, Peggy, Sammy Jo (who is back to being a brunette for the first in months, if not a year), Leo. Even an appearance by Hargin. If you don't know Hargin...it's hard to explain...this tall, guant older man, who basically bellows every song in every genre as though singing grand opera.

Vince was in an oddly playful mood and did two duets with Peggy: Don't Go Breaking My Heart and You're The One That I Want.

My songlist for the night:
Mr. Success-Frank Sinatra
Never-Heart (The answer to the question "When will I be singing this song again?"
Sunset Boulevard (I can't stop myself.)
Woke Up This Morning-A3 (That's right, I did the theme from The Sopranos.)
Freedom Come, Freedom Go-The Fortunes.

I ducked out in the middle to go shopping because it just didn't feel like a sushi day. I came home and cooked hubby his favorite meal: Steak & corn.

Now we're watching "Hustle" on DVD. Yet another great BBC show.
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