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Really good run/walk/run this morning

10 miles.
3 hours-25 minutes-10 seconds.
(Including two bathroom stops.)

I did a Cliff Shot at about the five mile mark and that REALLY helped get me through the second half.

My food is a disaster, but I've managed to keep up my workouts. Next week is going to be rough. I have to be at work at 830AM every day.


Most of the rest of the day was devoted to laundry doing that didn't get done last week.


Now watching more of Series 2 of Being Human (UK) and having another Who-verse sighting. Bryan Dick this time


Caught a bit BSG on BBCA today, which I'd never seen before. I was shocked to find out that Dr. Oldspice from Eureka is really a fake American. HAD NO CLUE. (DUH!)
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