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Pairing/Song Lyrics Meme

Please note-I am still working on the AU MEME, and I promise I'm going to finish it. I also have a few outstanding PHOTO MEME requests and those should be posted...any day now. But I could not resist this one.


Ganked from alba17

-Write down ten ships you're into
-Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the pairing.
-Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the couple.

1. Jack/Doctor (Doctor Who) - What is Life? by George Harrison. (Pretty much the WHOLE DAMN SONG!!!)

But if it's not love that you need
Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed.

2. Jack/Owen (Torchwood)- Please Don't Stop Loving Me-Elvis Presley

When I'm with you
I don't know day from
night, wrong from right

3. Neal/Adler (White Collar)- September Song-Bryan Ferry

When the Autumn weather
turns the leaves to flame
One hasn’t got time
For the waiting game.

4. Neal/Mozzie (White Collar)- Parachute Woman-The Rolling Stones (Apparently they had some hot times in various cities before Kate showed up.)

I'll make my blow in Dallas
And get hot again in half the time .

5. House/Wilson (House MD)-Like Someone in Love-Frank Sinatra

Sometimes the things I do astound me, mostly whenever you're around me.

6. Gibbs/Fornell (NCIS)-Imagine The Swan-The Zombies

Well I have a picture in color of you
And it's there in my room to remind me of you

7. Noah/Nathan (Heroes)- Give Peace A Chance-Leon Russell

Revolution, Evolution, Masturbation, Flagellation, Regulation,
Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations.

8. Artie/Claudia (Warehouse 13)- La Cage Aux Folles-Original Broadway Cast Album

It's bad and beautiful,
It's bawdy and bizarre.

9. Jack/Gwen (Torchwood)- When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful-Bryan Berry

When somebody thinks you're wonderful
Love is mighty close to you
Just another thing more wonderful
Making all her dreams come true

10. Noah/Claire (Heroes)- Down Home Blues-Dinah Washington

Down home the blues are gritty,
not the kind that's watered down.
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