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30 Days of Torchwood Meme

Ganked from teamharkness and presented in honor of Torchwood: Miracle Day, premiering on July 8, 2011.


Day 21 - Your favourite Toshiko moment

From Greeks Bearing Gifts:

(Tosh puts on pendant)
OWEN: 'Check there were any hospitals nearby. Could have been someone died in an operation. This has got sugar in it.'
TOSHIKO: No worries. Just asking.
OWEN: Hello. 'Keep looking at the skeleton, don't look at her. You're grinning...'
GWEN: Hey, Tosh. That coffee going begging? 'What's the matter with him? Why isn't he looking at me?'
OWEN: There's copies of that Michael Hamilton statement on your desk. He's still seeing Cybermen outside his mother's house. 'Don't think about her palm on the bottom of my spine, her hand in my hair.'
TOSHIKO: I think I'll just go over there.
GWEN: OK. I'll phone Social Services, see if there's a history of mental illness. 'No, Gwen, this is good. It can't go on. This is a good thing. Why the hell isn't he looking at me?'
TOSHIKO: I think my desk is on fire.

I feel bad for Tosh here, but the way Naoko says "I think my desk is on fire" never fails to make me giggle.

As a side note...my OTHER rewrite for the show, assuming Ianto had to survive would be for Ianto to turn down Jack's "date" offer in KKBB and imply he was seeing someone and have it turn out to be Tosh. They have way more in common than Jack and Ianto would in a zillion years, and they could commiserate over being charter members of the "Jack killed my girlfriend" club. They'd both resent Gwen for Owen and Jack being attracted to her. IF Jack couldn't have Ianto, then I'd actually believe him being interested, if only for the "not being handed it on a plate" factor and how cool would it be if Gwen had walked in on Tosh and Ianto in the greenhouse, followed by Jack?

Yet another lost opportunity in the name of so called "canon slash."
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