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30 Days of Torchwood Meme-Day 22

Ganked from teamharkness and presented in honor of Torchwood: Miracle Day, premiering on July 8, 2011.


Day 22 - Who you’d shag, cliff and marry

None of these should come as any shock to those who know me or have been following this particular meme.


Trust me. It's an act of mercy, one that as we know, was originally planned by RTD to happen back in Cyberwoman. Mr. Tummy Rats CLEARLY wanted to die, and if he had, then Torchwood: the show, Torchwood: the fandom, and the world as we know it would be a better place. Right now, more people would be genuinely excited about Miracle Day, and more fans would be able to admit that they were without fear of hateful dogpiling. Furthermore mass amounts of trauma and anhedonia could have been avoided, not to mention miles of band-width saved that were devoted to post CoE whinging.


The evidence (from Gwen, Diane and even Katie) is that he was NOT kidding with what he promised he could do for Gwen in Countrycide and I'd certainly like to get a bit of that for myself.


(C&P from the last time I did the Marry, Cliff, Shag meme.)

That's right, baby! Mrs. Harkness to you. Yes, he's going to cheat on me. It's who he is and it's what he does, and I'd be a fool to expect anything else. Maybe I'll get in on some hot threesomes and maybe he'll respect me as a non-whining, non-clinging, fun partner for as long as it lasts, but damn won't there be some nice wedding pictures for him to brood over in a couple of hundred (or thousand, or million or whatever) years.
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