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Pimping, Sadness, and YAY it's TORCHWOOD DAY!!


Title: Cameron is not a Virgin
Song: Not a Virgin-POE
House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase (What can I say? We all drink the Kool Ade now and then.)
Made by the fabulous louiseroho
Clips from Seasons 1/2/3.

Click for video goodness.

Phil Frank, RIP

Phil Frank was a cartoonist who did a comic strip in the Chronicle called "Farley" that was always about local issues. When I first came to San Francisco in 1987, I was LOST (in more ways than one) and one way I found out where I really was and what it meant to be a San Franciscan was by reading Herb Caen's column and the Farely comic strip every day in the Chronicle. Of course that was when the Sporting Green was really green and the Datebook was pink, which I thought was unbelievably cool.

Now Herb and Phil are both gone and the Chronicle has says of unparalleled suckiness, but don't we all?

Anyway, I'm bummed. Goodbye Phil. I'll miss you.


On the other hand, it's Saturday, so we get the 2nd episode of Torchwood and hopefully some actual plot and chracter development. Not that I couldn't spend many many hours just enjoying the objectifcation of John Barrowman, but hubby might be getting the slightest bit impatient.

OK, I'm going back to bed....I need to do some story plotting.

I'll probably have to come back and clean up a slew of typos in this. I should NOT post without my glasses on.
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